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Venue® In-Counter Napkin Dispenser

San Jamar's Venue® line of napkin dispensers offer optimal, one-at-a-time dispensing of a variety of napkin types and sizes.  Venue® In-Counter Napkin Dispenser  is an ideal choice for high-capacity interfold and fullfold napkin dispensing where counter space is at a premium.  Venue® Napkin dispensers provide smooth, precise dispensing, even at maximum capacity-- reducing napkin waste by up to 30%.  The optional adapter allows the Venue® napkin dispenser to fit into many current counter hole cut-outs.

Features / Benefits

  • Patented one-at-a-time dispensing reduces napkin waste
  • Control face restricts napkin usage, saving up to 30%
  • High capacity, holds over 750 napkins
  • Ability to convert easily from fullfold to interfold napkins
  • Adaptor allows dispenser to fit into existing counter hole cutouts
  • ABS plastic and 22 gauge stainless steel construction


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Product Diagram





H x W x D

H2003CLBKInterfold - CLBK750+8-4/5˝ x 7¼˝ x 20˝
(224 x 184 x 507 mm)
H2005CLBKFullfold/Control Face - CLBK750+8-4/5˝ x 7¼˝ x 20-2/5˝
(224 x 184 x 518 mm)
H2003CLBK12Interfold - CLBK450+12˝ x 7-1/5˝ x 8-4/5˝
(305 x 184 x 224 mm)
H2003CLSCInterfold - CLSC750+20-2/5˝ x 7-1/5˝ x 8-4/5˝
(518 x 184 x 224 mm)
H2005SCFullfold/Control Face - SC750+20˝ x 7-1/5˝ x 8-4/5˝
(507 x 184 x 224 mm)
H2005CLSCFullfold/Control Face - CLSC750+20˝ x 7-1/5˝ x 8-4/5˝
(507 x 184 x 224 mm)
H200ADTIn-Counter Napkin Adapter to be used with
existing counter hole range of:
73/ 7˝ (189 mm) to 717/ 27˝ (194 mm) W by
519/ 50˝ (137 mm) to 521/ 25˝ (148 mm) L
 8-3/20˝ x 6-3/5˝ x 3˝
(207 x 168 x 75 mm)

Construction: (Face) ABS plastic; (Body) 22-gauge stainless steel

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