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Kleen–Pail® meets HACCP guidelines as dedicated-use, labeled containers for cleaning and sanitizing solutions. Color-coding helps minimize any potential confusion between cleaning and sanitizing solution containers and meets HACCP guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing cloths.  Use green Kleen–Pails® for cleaning solutions and red Kleen–Pails® for sanitizing solution.  Available in four different sizes for front and back of the house applications.

Features / Benefits

  • Color-coding helps minimize confusion between sanitizer and cleaning solutions
  • Available in 3-quart, 6-quart, 8-quart, and 10-quart sizes (2.84 L, 5.68 L, 7.57 L and 9.46 L)
  • Trilingual "Sanitizer" and "Cleaner" printing and imprints to help meet health codes and reinforces employee training (English/Spanish on front panel and English/French on back panel)
  • Durable handle design
  • Gray pail used for janitorial services
  • White pail used for broken glass only

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How to Choose Your Kleen-Pail®

Kleen Pail Usage Guide


Item Color Description
KP97* RD, GN 3 quart (2.84 L)
KP196* RD, GN, PR 6 quart (5.68 L)
KP256* RD, GN 8 quart (7.57 L)
KP320* RD, GN 10 quart (9.46 L)
Kleen-Pail Color Pails
KP196KCBL  Blue  6 quart (5.68 L)
KP196KCYL  Yellow  6 quart (5.68 L)
KP196KCRD  Red  6 quart (5.68 L)
* Specify desired color after item number Example: KP196RD

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