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Kleen-Pail® Stands

Kleen-Pail® Stands allow you to move pails off the floor or work surface, providing a sanitary storage solution for 3 and 6 quart Kleen-Pails. Available in stand and wall mount versions.

Features / Benefits

  • Allows you to move Sanitizer and Detergent Pails off of the floor or work surface
  • Provides a sanitary storage holder for KP196* and KP97*

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KPS196Kleen-Pail stand holds KP196
KPS97Kleen-Pail stand holds KP97
KPS196WMKleen-Pail wall mount stand holds KP196
KPS97WMKleen-Pail wall mount stand holds KP97

Kleen-Pail sold separately

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Related Product Kleen-Pail® Kleen–Pail® meets HACCP guidelines as dedicated-use, labeled containers for cleaning and sanitizing solutions. Color-coding helps minimize any potential confusion between cleaning and sanitizing solution containers and meets HACCP guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing cloths.  Use green Kleen–Pails® for cleaning solutions and red Kleen–Pails® for sanitizing solution.  Available in four different sizes for front and back of the house applications.
Related Product Kleen-Pail® Caddy™ System The Kleen-Pail® Caddy™ System combines the tools needed for cleaning and sanitizing, two essential HACCP processes, into one convenient, portable tool.  Each Caddy™ System includes a sanitizer spray bottle and a pail with separate storage for the spray bottle.  Increase productivity and reduce labor and travel time with the Kleen-Pail® Caddy™ System from San Jamar.