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Small Pull-Type Water Cup Dispensers with Throat

Our Small Pull–Type Water Cup Dispensers with Throat are designed with smart features, including a durable throat that hides dispensing clips and provides a high–image look. Attractive color options fit any application while transparent tubes allow monitoring of cup levels. A flip cap keeps cups clean and allows for easy refilling.

Features / Benefits

  • Self–adjusts to accommodate a wide range of small flat-bottom and cone water cups
  • Flip cap allows for easy refilling
  • Mounting bracket will work on coolers or any flat surface
  • Durable impact-resistant plastic construction
  • Transparent tubes for easy monitoring of cup levels

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Product Diagram


Cup Rim Diameter
Approx. Cup Size
Tube Length
C4180*TBR, TBL,
2¼˝-2-7⁄8˝ (57-73 mm)Cone 3-4½ oz. (90-130 ml)
Flat 3-5 oz. (90-150 ml)
16˝ (406 mm)

* Specify desired color after item number Example: C4180TBR
Note: TBLW = Arctic Blue with White Flip Cap
Includes flip cap to allow refilling without removing cap
Construction: Impact
resistant plastic

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