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Sani Station™ Cleaner/Sanitizer

The proprietary blend of the Sani Station chemical is the only cleaner / sanitizer combination approved for use with Sani Stations. The specialized chlorine blend is how utensils are thoroughly and safely cleaned in place. Improper use of an alternate chemical with Sani Station cannot guarantee effective cleaning and sanitizing has occurred.

Features / Benefits

  • Proprietary blended cleaner and solution 2-in-1 product
  • FDA, EPA and NSF D2 approved
  • Packets are pre-portioned for easy chemical dilution, no measuring required
  • Includes chlorine test strips and (2) spray bottle labels for hard surface use

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Item Description


.5 ounce packet - 100 count


1.5 ounce packet - 100 count


Chlorine Test Strips - 100 count

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