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Saf-T-Ice® Value Pack

Protect ice from dangerous contamination during serving and transport with the Safe Ice Handling System from San Jamar. The Saf-T-Ice® Value Pack includes one original 6-gallon Saf-T-Ice® Tote and one 64-86 ounce Saf-T-Scoop®. Saf-T-Ice® dedicated ice totes feature an integrated comfort handle, raised Tri-grips™, and a patented HACCP Hanger™ that attaches to ice machines for faster, more efficient filling. Saf-T-Scoop's domed scoop design allows for faster and more accurate ice filling, saving time and reducing ice spill hazards. The Guardian™ holder provides dedicated safe and sanitary storage for Saf–T–Scoop® when not in use.

Features / Benefits

  • Includes (1) 6-gallon Saf-T-Ice® Tote (6I000) and (1) 64-86 ounce Saf-T-Scoop® (SI9000)
  • Durable BPA-free construction
  • Trilingual label on tote
  • NSF Certified and dishwasher safe

California Residents: Bisphenol A WARNING

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Item Description
SI8500 SI6000 Tote & 64-86 oz. (1.9-2.5 L) Saf-T-Scoop® and Guardian™ System (1 each)