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Saf-T-Ice® Bottle Guardian

Saf-T-Ice® Bottle Guardian mounts inside your bar station ice bin to safely chill wine, “store & pour” and liquor bottles. The patented design prevents dangerous cross–contamination from bacteria or wet labels from bottles stored directly in ice. Saf-T-Ice® Bottle Guardian is also great for storing other bar bottles; easily mounts outside of bin to keep non–chilled bottles handy for use.

Features / Benefits

  • Chill wine bottles safely inside of bins
  • Minimizes cross-contamination to ice and mess
  • NSF Certified
  • Versatile; easily mounts inside or outside of ice bins

California Residents: Bisphenol A WARNING

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Item Description
Included mounting tools: (1) mounting bracket, (2) wire hanging brackets
SI7000BG (1) Guardian holder with removable drainage cap (1) Set mounting tools; Max bottle diameter 3¼˝

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