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Mani-Kare® Bandages

Mani–Kare Bandages have been specifically designed for dressing minor wounds that can contaminate foods during preparation. Mani–Kare Bandages are bright blue in color for easy detection in food, if inadvertently dropped.  The blue color also makes proper monitoring of wound dressing by restaurant management easier, as bandages can be seen even under serving gloves.

Features / Benefits

  • Bandages are made from hospital-quality, flexible and breathable cloth
  • Available in 5 different sizes
  • Handy storage box makes bandages easy to find and keeps them clean
  • Mani–Kare Value Pack includes a variety of all bandages
  • Latex-free

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Item Shape Description Size
MK0901 Strips: 6 boxes of 50 (300 bandages = 1 pack) 7⁄8˝ x 3˝ (22 x 76 mm)
MK0906 N/A Value pack: 2 boxes of MK0901; 1 box of MK0902; 1 box of MK0903; 1 box of MK0904; 1 box of MK0905
MK0909 N/A 1 storage box with 1 MK0906