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Bag Boa®

Prevent workplace incidents and reduce waste with Bag Boa Bag Cutter and Squeegee. Featuring a unique safety blade design to reduce the risk of hand injury and a durable acetal construction to prevent breakage, the Bag Boa makes safe opening of sealed food bags simple.

Features / Benefits

  • Extended squeegee slot
  • Safety Blade reduces accidents
  • Ergonomic grip for ambidextrous use
  • Integrated storage hook
  • Thicker blade head for increased safety
  • Robust material for greater durability

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Item Color Description Squeegee Length H x W x D Dimensions
BB100 Blue Ambidextrous 7.5" (190.5 mm) 13.5" x 1.75" x 0.25" (330.2 x 44.45 x 6.35 mm)

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