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Venue® Wall Model Napkin Dispenser

?San Jamar's Venue® line of napkin dispensers offer optimal, one-at-a-time dispensing of a variety of napkin types.  Venue® Wall Model Napkin Dispenser  is an ideal choice for minifold, interfold and fullfold napkin dispensing where counter space is not available.  The Venue® Napkin dispenser provides smooth, precise dispensing-- even at maximum capacity.  The wall mount feature enhances image and offers high-volume dispensing in tight spaces.

Features / Benefits

  • Patented one-at-a-time dispensing reduces napkin waste
  • 33% more capacity than competing dispensers
  • Wall model enhances image and saves counter space
  • Smooth dispensing down to the last napkin
  • Impact-resistant plastic construction

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Product Diagram



Item Type/Colors Capacity H x W x D Dimensions
H5003P* Interfold - TBK 550+ 15¾˝x 8˝ x 7¼˝ (400 x 203 x 184 mm)
H5004P* Mini Interfold - TBK 550+ 15¾˝ x 8˝ x 5-9/10˝ (400 x 203 x 150 mm)
* Specify desired color after item number Example: H5000PCL Construction: Impact resistant plastic

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