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Ultrafold™ Fusion™ Multifold/C-Fold Towel Dispenser

The Ultrafold™ family of folded towel dispensers offer a clean, low-profile design which make them ideal for small spaces. Ultrafold™ Fusion™ Multifold/C-Fold Towel Dispenser features a 50% smaller carton to save on warehouse and transportation costs.  The simple 6-piece assembly can be completed in only a few minutes.   The Present® System offers a touchless, smooth, one–at–a–time towel presentation of C–fold or multifold towels that enhances efficiency and image. From standard Ultrafold™ and affordable Fusion™ to Large Capacity Ultrafold™, there is a size for every environment and application.

Features / Benefits

  • Compact box saves on warehouse and shipping costs
  • Designed to eliminate overstuffing of towels and prevent bunching and clumping
  • Clean, symmetrical design
  • Simple 6-piece assembly
  • Capacity: 400 multifold or 240 C-fold towels
  • Durable, impact-resistant plastic construction

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H x W x D

T1755*TBL, TBK400 Multifold /
240 C-Fold
11½˝ x 11½˝ x 6˝
(292 x 292 x 152 mm)

* Specify desired color after item number
Example: T1755TBL

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