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Tuff-Cut® Cutting Boards

Tuff-Cut® Cutting Boards are made from a premium proprietary material that withstands heat up to 350°F (170°C) without warping or scorching. Unlike traditional plastic boards, Tuff-Cut® boards are safe to use with serrated knives. The durable Tuff-Cut® material is designed to look like wood, with the added benefit of being NSF Certified and dishwasher safe. Tuff-Cut® boards are ideal for meat carving or anywhere heat lamps are used. Choose from standard boards sizes, with or without grooves.

Features / Benefits

  • Tuff-Cut® proprietary material withstands heat up to 350°F (170°C)
  • Safe to use with serrated knives
  • Available with or without grooves
  • NSF Certified and dishwasher safe; will not warp
  • Customize here with laser marked logos, diagrams, artwork and more

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Item H x W x D Dimensions
Regular Cutting Boards
TC121812 12˝ x 18˝ x ½˝ (305 x 457 x 13 mm)
TC152012 15˝ x 20˝ x ½˝ (381 x 508 x 13 mm)
TC182412 18˝ x 24˝ x ½˝ (457 x 610 x 13 mm)
Grooved Cutting Boards
TC121812GV 12˝ x 18˝ x ½˝ (305 x 457 x 13 mm)
TC152012GV 15˝ x 20˝ x ½˝ (381 x 508 x 13 mm)
TC182412GV 18˝ x 24˝ x ½˝ (457 x 610 x 13 mm)

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