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Stainless Steel Counter-Mount Beverage Cup

Features / Benefits

• Easily adjusts to a wide range of cup diameters
• Dispenses paper, plastic, and foam cups one-at-a-time
• High-end image
• Durable

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ItemCup Rim DiameterApprox. Cup SizeCounter Hole Diam.Tube Length
C6200C2-1/2˝ - 3-1/8˝ (64-79 mm)6-10 oz. (177-296 ml)4-3/16˝ (106 mm)23-1/2˝ (597 mm)
C6400C3˝ - 3-7/8˝ (76-98 mm)12-24 oz. (355-710 ml)4-11/16˝ (119 mm)23-1/2˝ (597 mm)
C6400C183˝ - 3-7/8˝ (76-98 mm)12-24 oz. (355-710 ml)4-11/16˝ (119 mm)18˝ (457 mm)
C6500C4˝ - 4-5/8˝ (101-117 mm)32-46 oz. (950-1360 ml)5-3/4˝ (146 mm)23-1/2˝ (597 mm)

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