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Smart Charts

Use Smart Charts from San Jamar to train staff and reinforce the fundamentals of preventing cross–contamination, time–temperature abuse and proper hand washing.

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Dimensions H x W
RCUWLCTRapi-Kool® Smart Chart17˝ x 11˝ (432 x 279 mm)
CBCWLCTSTColor-Coded Cutting Board
Smart Chart
17˝ x 11˝ (432 x 279 mm)
QSWLCTCut-N-Carry® 4 Board
Color-Coded Smart Chart
11½˝ x 14½˝ (292 x 368 mm)
HWWLCTHand Washing Station
Smart Chart
9˝ x 6˝ (229 x 152 mm)

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