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Small Pull-Type Water Cup Dispensers

Our Small Pull–Type Water Cup Dispensers are designed with smart features and available in attractive colors and finishes to fit any application. Plastic models feature durable, transparent tubes for easy monitoring of cup levels. Flip cap keeps cups clean and allows for easy refilling.


Features / Benefits

  • Self–adjusts to accommodate a wide range of small flat-bottom and cone water cups
  • Flip cap allows for easy refilling
  • Mounting bracket will work on coolers or any flat surface
  • Durable plastic or stainless steel construction
  • Plastic units are transparent to easily monitor cup levels

Available Colors

  • TBLArctic Blue
  • SSStainless Steel
  • WHWhite

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Featured Image
C4160SS, C4160WH, C4160TBL


ItemColorsCup Rim DiameterApprox. Cup SizeTube Length
C4150SSSS2¼˝-2-7/8˝ (57-73 mm)Cone 3-4½ oz. (90-130 ml)
Flat 3-5 oz. (90-150 ml)
16˝ (406 mm)
C4160*WH, TBL2¼˝-2-7⁄8˝ (57-73 mm)Cone 3-4½ oz. (90-130 ml)
Flat 3-5 oz. (90-150 ml)
16˝ (406 mm)

* Specify desired color after item number Example: C4160WH
Includes flip cap to allow refilling without removing cap

Replacement Parts to Consider:

Product Name Description
Water Cup Dispenser Flip Cap Replacement Part SKU: #100487