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Slide Check Racks

Our Slide Check Racks have an innovative design that provides secure check holding and sliding. Durable, polished glass marbles allow a smooth sliding motion and won't melt even in the hottest of kitchen environments. Tough anodized aluminum construction and secure screw-on end caps ensure long life and durability. Attractive and sleek, Slide Check Racks enhance the image of front-of-the-house and open kitchen environments. Available in a wide variety of lengths to fit any space, small to high-capacity operations.

Features / Benefits

  • Attractive, sleek design enhances front–of–house and open–kitchens
  • Tough anodized aluminum construction with durable glass marbles
  • Available in sizes ranging from 12”-60” (305-152.5mm) long
  • Includes mounting screw pack
  • Bagged with header card for easy merchandising

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Dimensions H x W x D
CK6512A12˝ (305 mm)2˝ x 12˝ x ¾˝ (51 x 305 x 19 mm)
CK6518A18˝ (458 mm)2˝ x 18˝ x ¾˝ (51 x 458 x 19 mm)
CK6524A24˝ (610 mm)2˝ x 24˝ x ¾˝ (51 x 610 x 19 mm)
CK6530A30˝ (762 mm)2˝ x 30˝ x ¾˝ (51 x 762 x 19 mm)
CK6536A36˝ (915 mm)2˝ x 36˝ x ¾˝ (51 x 915 x 19 mm)
CK6544A44˝ (101.7 mm)2˝ x 44˝ x ¾˝ (51 x 101.7 x 19 mm)
CK6548A48˝ (122 mm)2˝ x 48˝ x ¾˝ (51 x 122 x 19 mm)
CK6560A60˝ (152.4 mm)2˝ x 60˝ x ¾˝ (51 x 152.4 x 19 mm)

Construction: Anodized Aluminum.  Bagged with header card

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