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Simplicity Hands-Free Mechanical Roll Towel Dispenser

Simplicity Hands-Free Mechanical roll towel dispensers from San Jamar offer simple and economical touchless roll towel dispensing without the need for batteries. Simplicity is designed to dispense and mechanically cut most types of roll towel in consistent 11” sheets.

Features / Benefits

  • Does not require batteries
  • Hands-free dispensing of most types of roll towel
  • Automatic mechanical cutting dispenses consistent 11” sheets
  • Durable, impact-resistant plastic construction

Available Colors

  • TBLArctic Blue
  • TBKBlack Pearl

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Core Diameter
Dimensions H x W x D
T7000*TBL, TBK8˝ wide (200 mm);
8˝ (200 mm) dia. roll
Up to 4˝ dia. (100 mm) stub roll
1½˝ (38mm)16½˝ x 11-3/4˝ x 9¼˝
(419 x 298 x 235 mm)
T7090*TBL, TBK8˝ wide (200 mm);
8˝ (200 mm) dia. roll
Up to 4˝ dia. (100 mm) stub roll
1½˝ (38mm)16½˝ x 11-3/4˝ x 9¼˝
(419 x 298 x 235 mm)

* Specify desired color after item number Example: T7000TBL

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