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Saf-T-Wrap® 12 & 18

Saf-T-Wrap® 12 and 18 were designed for those foodservice operations that already have a food labeling system in place. The two new sizes drastically reduces the footprint needed for a wrapping station. The smaller footprint requires less storage space as well.

Features / Benefits

  • Accommodates film or foil rolls and saves time while minimizing waste
  • Includes both safety blade for film, foil and paper - or slide cutting for one-handed film dispensing
  • Film and foil rolls are fully enclosed and protected preventing cross-contamination from unsanitary cardboard cutter boxes
  • Economical by utilizing entire roll and keeping your film/foil in a durable, protected dispenser; resulting in substantial cost savings

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Saf-T-Wrap® with Slide Cutter and optional Safety Blade (for film or foil)Dispense Film/Foil rolls from 12" (305 mm)
Saf-T-Wrap® with Slide Cutter and optional Safety Blade (for film or foil)

Dispense Film/Foil rolls from 15"-18" (381 mm - 457 mm)
SWX100Saf-T-Wrap® Stackers (2) Brackets (8) Wing NutsDispense Film/Foil rolls from 12"-18" (305 mm - 457 mm)

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