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Pull-Type Paper/Plastic Beverage Cup Dispensers

Our Pull–Type Paper/Plastic Beverage Cup Dispensers are designed to provide easy and efficient one-at-a-time cup dispensing. These affordable self–adjusting dispensers eliminate cup damage and are easily loaded from the top.

Features / Benefits

  • Self–adjusts to accommodate a wide range of paper or plastic beverage cups
  • Gravity-fed dispensing; loads from top
  • Durable high-impact polyethylene
  • Wall mount; also works with our countertop cup & lid dispenser stand (C3604)

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Cup Rim Diameter
Approx Cup Size
Tube Length
C4210PRD2½˝-3¼˝ (64-83 mm)4-10 oz. (120-300 ml)23½˝ (597 mm)
C4410PRD3-3⁄8˝-3-7⁄8˝ (85-98 mm)12-24 oz. (350-710 ml)23½˝ (597 mm)

Construction: Impact resistant polyethylene

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