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Non-Contact Infrared Human Forehead Thermometer

The simple to operate Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer is designed for measuring body temperature, specifically for use on the forehead area. Requiring no skin contact, the thermometer works by collecting heat radiation emitting from the forehead. It's a more hygienic, reliable option for fever-checking compared to intrusive oral thermometers. Receive highly accurate measurements in seconds with the single click of a button. An integrated alarm sounds when raised body temperature is detected, making it easy to inform both user and individual of a potential fever.

Features / Benefits

  • +/-0.4? F (0.2? C)
  • Temperature Range: 95? ? 109.2? F (35? ? 42.9? C)
  • Testing Range:? 2?3 inches (5?8 cm) away from forehead
  • Lit Display ? Green, orange and red lights correspond to normal, elevated or high temperatures, respectively
  • Patented probe design to ensure high accuracy
  • 1 second response time
  • Auto shut-off after 30 seconds to save battery with power saver
  • Pre-calibrated
  • Commercial grade
  • 1 year warranty
  • Resolution: 0.1? F (0.1? C)
  • FDA, CE and ISO 13485 Certified

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Item Description Color Response Time Accuracy Temperature Range Pack
THDG986 Non-contact IR Forehead Thermometer White 1 second +/- 0.4? F (0.2? C) 95? F ? 109.2? F (35? ? 42.9? C) 1 each