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Modular Frontline™ Pump & Accessories

The Modular Frontline™ Pump family and accessories provide convenient dispensing of condiments. The Frontline Pumps use Soft-Touch™ technology for smooth, mess-free dispensing while the Modular Portion Cup & Lid Dispensers provide one-at-a-time access to cups and lids. The attachable drip tray collects unexpected spills to prevent mess on the counter helping keep your operation clean. The Frontline Pump Base and the Portion Cup & Lid units link together with non-slip rubber feet.

Features / Benefits

  • Dispenses from gallon jar, #10 can, Cryovac bag(R) and direct pour

  • Portion Cup & Lid Dispensers use EZ-Fit Technology to dispense one-at-a-time

  • Soft-Touch(TM) pump for smooth dispensing

  • Attachable drip tray keeps excess sauce from the countertop

  • Rubber feet prevent slipping

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ItemDescriptionDimensions H x W x D
MODP4900CLIncludes: P4900, MODCL100, MODBASE, MODTRAY23" x 14.01" x 11.35" (584 x 356 x 288 mm)
MOD4900CCIncludes: P4900, MODCC100, MODBASE, MODTRAY23" x 14.01" x 11.35" (584 x 356 x 288 mm)
MODCL100*Modular Portion Cup & Lid Dispenser14.42" x 6.01" x 11.25" (366 x 153 x 288 mm)
MODCC100Modular Portion Cup Dispense12.59" x 6.01" x 11.25" (320 x 153 x 286 mm)
MODBASEModular FrontLine Pump Base7.83" x 8" x 11.35" (187 x 203 x 288 mm)
MODTRAYModular FrontLine Pump Drip Tray1.32" x 7.02" x 9.11" (34 x 178 x 231 mm)

*Portion Cup & Lid Dispensers are designed to work with cups and lids measuring 1.5"- 2.31" (38-59 mm) in rim diameter.