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Condiment Pump & Tray Centers

Condiment Pump & Tray Centers are an ideal solution for dispensing condiments and sauces. Trays feature individual notched lids that will accommodate spoons while keeping condiments covered and protected from contaminants. Ultra Pumps dispense a variety of sauces, dressings and toppings in consistent, 1-ounce portions. Pump boxes include ice liner and two EZ-Chill™ Refreezable Ice Packs. Also includes clear plastic spoons and 1-quart inserts.

Features / Benefits

  • Condiment centers with pumps and trays
  • Includes clear plastic condiment spoons and label packet for easy identification of condiments
  • 1-quart tray inserts remove easily for cleaning
  • Ultra Pumps dispense 1-ounce portions of sauces, dressing or condiments
  • Pump boxes include ice liner and (2) EZ-Chill™ ice packs for keeping pump contents chilled

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Item Center Includes Dimensions H x W x D
P9826 (2 ea.) Pump Boxes with Ultra Pumps 1 qt. inserts with spoons (1 ea.) label packet (2 ea.) EZ-Chill™ packs 14¾˝ x 20-1⁄8˝ x 12˝ (375 x 511 x 305 mm)

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