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Combo Knife Sharpening Stone

Keep your knives in top shape with our Combo Sharpening Stone. This 8” (203mm) sharpening stone is dual-sided. The gray side features 150 grit carbon oxide for sharpening knives, while the orange side has 400 fine grit for honing. This provides a finer finish than silicone carbide. A non-slip rubber grip holder secures the sharpener while in use.

Features / Benefits

  • Reversible 8" (203mm) 150 grit/400 grit carbon oxide knife sharpening stone
  • Provides a finer finish than silicone carbide
  • Gray coarse side for sharp cutting edge (150 grit)
  • Orange side for honing (400 grit)
  • Non-slip stand

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CB1008Reversible aluminum oxide stone • gray coarse side for sharp cutting edge
(150 grit) • Orange side for honing (400 grit) • Provides a finer finish than
silicone carbide • Super rubber grip holder

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