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Bulk Straw Dispensers

Provide your customers with easy access to wrapped beverage straws in a convenient, high capacity location. This NSF certified unit allows for fast and easy access of wrapped beverage straws. The translucent top of the dispenser can be easily removed to load straws. The double-sided, Bulk Straw Dispenser can hold up to 500 wrapped straws and dispenses from both sides. For situations where space is tight, the Junior Bulk Straw Dispenser is an ideal alternative for your countertop needs, holding up to 250 wrapped straws and dispensing out of one side. Bulk Straw dispensers by San Jamar are the perfect solution for safe, smart and sanitary straw dispensing.

Features / Benefits

  • Removable lid and tray for easy cleaning
  • Constructed using high impact plastic
  • Single or double-sided straw dispensing
  • Additional wall mounting bracket available


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ItemDescriptionDimensions H x W x D
ST500Double-sided straw dispenser - 500 count8" x 10" x 7.88" (203 x 254 x 200 mm)
ST250Single-sided straw dispenser - 250 count8" x 10" x 4.25" (203 x 254 x 108 mm)
ST250WMWall mounting bracket for use with ST250