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Arriba™ Twist Solaire™

The Arriba™  Twist Solaire™  is the greenest air care technology in the industry, including 100% recyclable refills and the first battery-free fan dispersion system.  The patented QuickLoad™ design allows the refill to twist in from the bottom without opening the dispenser.

Features / Benefits

  • Battery-free fan dispersion
  • Solar panels can harvest all forms of indoor lighting
  • Continuous 60 day coverage with LED notification when its time to refill

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WS107 80 1207Grey6.95" X 3.10" X 3.47" (176 x 78 x 88 mm)
WS107 80 1208White6.95" X 3.10" X 3.47" (176 x 78 x 88 mm)

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