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Adjustable Lid Organizers

Our Adjustable Lid Organizers offer flexible organization for lids, straws or stirrers.  These durable organizers can be placed on countertops, or wall-mounted to free up counter space.  Each lid compartment adjusts to fit individual lid size.  Straw/stirrer caddy can attach to either size of organizer.

Features / Benefits

  • Keep lids and straws/stirrers organized and easily accessible
  • Countertop use or wall mount
  • Available in 3 and 5-stack models
  • Straw caddy can be attached to either side
  • Anti–slip feet ensure that unit will stay in place during countertop use
  • 22 gauge stainless steel construction with impact-resistant plastic tray


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ItemCapacityDimensions H x W x D
L10143 stacks6½˝ x 17-1⁄8˝ x 5-1⁄8˝ (165 x 435 x 130 mm)
L10225 stacks6½˝ x 25¼˝ x 5-1⁄8˝ (165 x 641 x 130 mm)

Construction: (Lid organizers) 22-gauge stainless steel;
(Stirrer & straw caddy) high-impact plastic

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