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Adjustable Centerpull Towel Dispenser

San Jamar’s Centerpull Towel Dispensers offer economical, high-capacity touchless dispensing designed to reduce maintenance costs and provide a hygienic hand drying environment.  Our Adjustable Centerpull model includes an easy-to-adjust funnel to allow dispensing of different grades of centerpull paper.  The large capacity ensures long intervals between refills.

Features / Benefits

  • Easy-to-adjust funnel adjusts to accommodate all grades of centerpull paper, single ply to industrial wipes
  • High capacity (9" diameter roll)
  • Impact-resistant plastic construction


Available Colors

  • TBLArctic Blue
  • TBKBlack Pearl

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H x W x D


9˝ wide (241 mm)
9˝ dia. roll (241 mm)

13-3/ 8 ˝ x 9-5/ 8 ˝ x 9-3/ 8 ˝
(339 x 244 x 238 mm)

* Specify desired color after item number Example: T410TBL
Construction: Impact resistant plastic

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