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Overnight, the Coronavirus has thrown the foodservice industry into catastrophic change. All segments of the global foodservice industry are feeling a simultaneous blow. From layoffs to closures, the way we serve our customers has radically changed.

Restaurants are converting to grocery store extensions offering take out via curbside or delivery. Hospitals are preparing for and taking on an unprecedented influx of patients that need to eat. Long term care facilities are reverting to feeding residents individually in their rooms to maintain social distancing. And everyone is implementing cleaning procedures on a scale that has never been seen.


Sanitation and Cleaning

Scientists report that the Coronavirus can remain stable for hours or even days on surfaces. It’s imperative that we develop best practices in cleaning and sanitizing and make these a longstanding priority.

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FDA approved. Battery-operated, (2 AAA alkaline batteries included) Infrared technology detects body temperature from the forehead with zero contact to skin. An integrated alarm alerts of potential fevers. Green, orange and red lights correspond to normal, elevated or high temperatures. Accurate results in one second. Stores last 10 readings for quick reference. Measures temperatures from 95°F to 109.2°F.

Personal Protection Equipment

Unprecedented times lead to revolutionary ways of protecting your patrons from potential illness.  A simple physical barrier can help protect the face from debris. Gloves and face shields can slow the spread of the virus.

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Keep your customers hands clean and sanitized with hands-free dispensing tools. Our wide inventory of bathroom dispensing products ensures we have the right fit for any business need.

Soap and Sanitizer


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