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Enjoy efficient and dependable electronic roll towel dispensing with Tear–N–Dry. Tear-N-Dry consistently dispenses 10″ paper portions without wait, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic environments. This affordable, low-maintenance dispenser boasts the longest battery in the industry. The Infinity System®automatic transfer system eliminates stub roll waste. And, Tear-N-Dry is simple to install. Just mount, load paper and you are ready to go.

Features / Benefits

  • Consistently dispenses standard 10? paper without a wait
  • Infinity System® automatic transfer system eliminates stub roll waste
  • Replaceable drive module
  • Choose from Classic or Oceans® design
  • Impact-resistant plastic construction


Available Colors

  • TBLArctic Blue
  • TBKBlack Pearl
  • BKSSBlack Stainless Steel
  • SSStainless Steel Look
  • WHCLWhite Clear

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$216.18$375.19 $172.94$300.15

T1300TBK, T1390TBL
T1300TBK, T1390TBL


ItemColorsCapacityCore DiameterH x W x D Dimensions
T1300*TBL, TBK8˝ wide roll (200 mm) dia.
and 4˝ dia. (100 mm) stub roll
1½˝ (38 mm)16½˝ x 11¾˝ x 9¼˝
(419 x 298 x 235 mm)
T1390*TBL, TBK, WS8˝ wide roll (200 mm) dia.
and 4˝ dia. (100 mm) stub roll
1½˝ (38 mm)16½˝ x 11¾˝ x 9¼˝
(419 x 298 x 235 mm)
T1370*BKSS, SS, WHCL, CUSTOM8˝ wide roll (200 mm) dia. and 4˝ dia (100 mm) stub roll1½˝ (38 mm)16 1/16˝ x 12 11/16˝ x 9¾˝
(410 x 311 x 248 mm)

* Specify desired color after item number Example: T1300TBL
– Requires 4 D-cell alkaline batteries

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