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Butcher’s Trussing Twine

Use our Butcher’s Trussing Twine for tying poultry, beef and ham for even cooking.  Also ideal for securing seasoning bouquets; available in 12-ply 3600 ft. (1097 m) cone or 30-ply 1625 ft. (495 m) cone.

Features / Benefits

  • Butcher's twine for tying meat and seasoning packets
  • Choose 12-ply 3600 ft. (1097 m) cone or 30-ply 1625 ft. (495 m) cone


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$38.39$40.51 $30.71$32.41



Breaking Strength
BT1212 ply3600 ft (1097 m)
per cone
26 lbs.
BT3030 ply1625 ft (495 m)
per cone
65 lbs.

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